Do You Want to Reunite With Family or Loved Ones But Keep Hitting a Wall?

Imagine How You'll Feel When You Dial the Number and Hear the Voice of Your Relative or Loved One on the Other End!


This could be your story...

"I was finally able to get in touch with my cousin."

finding people in MexicoMark told us he was no longer getting responses to the emails he was sending his cousin. "I wish to mail him a letter. My Spanish is zero, which does not help."

Mark was positive his cousin lived at a particular address, but after our evaluation of his information, we discovered that his cousin had moved. In just a week, Mark got the new address as well as the phone number where his cousin now lived. "Thank you. I was finally able to get back in touch with my cousin."

Mark M.
Plano, Texas, USA
Reunited with his cousin

BUT you have to get started properly.

Hi. My name is Richard.

Richard Villasana If you're reading this, it's because there's a family member, birth mother or father, sister or cousin, possibly a dear friend living in Mexico who you've been thinking about and missing. Maybe you've tried free resources, especially the Internet, to find this special person without success. Now is your opportunity to finally know why you haven't found this person so you can finally have them in your life.

For years, I saw there was no process available where the public (that means you) could get an expert to review their information. Your chances of finding your relative or friend are directly related to the quality of your information. If you have inaccurate information, then your chances range from poor to impossible.

This is why I created the process called the Profile Builder. If you've ever watched a detective show like Criminal Minds or CSI, you know how important a good profile and the right information is. The same is true to locate someone in Mexico. That's where the Profile Builder comes in. It's a fast and easy process to gather your information. Then experts can see if you are just a couple of weeks away to reunite with your relative or friend or need some help. It really is that simple!

"My wife was reunited with her mother in Mexico
after 7 years of losing touch with each other."

soldierA soldier stationed in Iraq wrote that his wife and her mother "…were separated in L.A. about 7 years ago. My wife, who was 15 at the time, was put into foster care and her mother and younger half brother and sister went back to Mexico."

"Thanks to your information, my wife was able to talk with her mother after being apart for seven years. Thank you and God bless. A family has been reunited."

U.S. Army soldier in Iraq
Name withheld by request
Wife reunited with her mother

Oprime aquí para mandarnos un correo electrónico. Si prefiera,
podemos llamarle a explicar nuestros servicios. Hablamos español.

What Is the BIGGEST Worry People Have About
Finding Their Loved One or Relative in Mexico?

Knowing When They Have Enough Information
to Finally Reunite With Them

In a recent survey, over 55% of clients said they were anxious and unsure if they have enough information to successfully find their relative or friend in Mexico.

Hey! This fear and anxiety is common. It's not your fault you haven't found this person. You simply haven't been told what really works.

Nearly 70% of those same clients surveyed said they were not confident they could find their relative or friend in the next 60 days without some additional help.

Who Has Benefited From Our Service?

Here are a few organizations that have come to us to locate people living in Mexico.
State of Oregon Dept. of Human Services: Child Protection Services

State of Oregon
Dept. of Human Services: Child Protection Services

U.S. Dept. of Defense
U.S. Department of Defense
People Magazine
People Magazine

And more organizations and people like you that rely on our company to locate family and friends in Mexico:
  • Family Law, Probate and Adoption attorneys

  • Telephone companies

  • District Juvenile and U.S. Circuit Courts

  • State Departments of Human Services

  • Sons and daughters trying to find their birth parent

  • Foster care organizations

  • People from as far away as Moscow and New Zealand including Mexico

Our Exclusive PROFILE BUILDER Will Give You
The Answers You've Been Looking For

Getting the Profile Builder service is a great decision because:

In just three business days you'll know whether you have enough information so that your relative or friend can be found.
If the probability of finding your loved one or friend is less than 75%, you'll find out specifically what additional information is needed.
If the probability of locating your loved one or friend is 75% or higher, you can be confident that if you do a search in about fifteen days you'll be in touch with this person or one of their relatives.
Information you provide will be analyzed and our experts will make any necessary corrections. In one case, we discovered the client was searching for a city in the wrong state. This verification saved the client years of wasted effort.

How the Profile Builder Works

Step One: A Fast and Simple Process
As soon as your registration is received, you'll be directed to our exclusive Profile Builder. You fill out the information you have about that special person you want to find. The Profile Builder takes just a few minutes.

Step Two: Your Analysis and Evaluation
Our specialists will analyze your information for missing or inaccurate information, misspellings, and other potential issues that could prevent you from finding your relative or loved one. You'll get a Probability Rating so you'll know how close you are to finding our loved one or relative.

Step Three: You'll be on your way to finding that special person!

Clients share how their lives have changed
once reunited with their loved one or relative.

"I want you to know that as I write this
I have tears of joy"

mexico genealogyJennifer had been searching for years for any relatives of her son's father. Her little boy was starting to ask about his father, and as any caring mother, Jennifer wanted to make one of her son's dreams come true. "I had lost all hope of ever finding my son's relatives in Mexico. I am so glad I found you."

Jennifer wrote, "I was speechless. I dialed one of the numbers you gave me and I was talking to my son's grandmother. There are so many scams on the internet that it is hard to find legitimate businesses such as yours. I couldn't believe the speed at which you found the information I needed. I hope you will continue so that you can make other people as happy as you have made me."

Update: Jennifer's son met his birth father a few weeks ago. They are already talking about how they'll spend the summer going fishing. Early next year Jennifer's son will meet his father's parents for the first time in Mexico.

Jennifer Burton
Chicago, Illinois
Son united with grandmother and birth father

"I hope to inspire someone like I have been, with no hope. You are the one they can put their Hope in."

Ilicia"I was so excited about this that my heart could not wait to see what was ahead of me. I thought about the time difference in Mexico, and I figured my father would be about sleeping for me to call and find him home if it was him truly. I did call and an answering machine picked up the call so I hung up. I thought about it all night that at least I did hear his voice and it was him. I was so HAPPY!!!!!!!

So I did call back and someone did answer and it was a man’s voice so I said I need to talk to him and was it alright and that I was so sorry for calling so late, but I wanted to talk to Jose and he did say it was him. He asked a lot of question I could only respond to little at a time and he said that he was right back long ago and that he was really Happy himself because he had only dreamed about me that some day he was hoping i would actually look for him like they do like the Christina show on TV when love one loses a father or a mother. He said he was sitting next to his wife and shedding little tears. I did find my real father and I am Happy. THANK YOU for that connection you were able to do for me that in million years I never thought i’d be able to do. God Blesses you for what you do for people."

Ilicia I.
Teenage daughter reunited with her birth father

"We were put in contact with the family
within a week of trying your service."

Kim Wolcott"Thank you so much!! Our company was looking for a gentleman that owned property in which we had an interest. After 6 months of persistent research including: mailing letters to previous addresses, having people in Mexico City look up his name in a phone book and using hit a dead end."

"That is when I ran across the Find Relatives In Mexico web site and decided to try it considering we had both of his parents names, date of birth and a previous address. I am so glad we did. Within a week we were put us in contact with the family, and we were able to reach them regarding the property!"

Kim Wolcott
East Winds Consulting, LLC
Trenton, NJ
Found family in Mexico

Got questions? We have answers.

Q) Why do I need to have my information verified?

A) Verification of your information is one of the most important tenets of genealogy. But let's say you are just trying to find a loved one or relative living in Mexico, and you haven't yet found them. Then you really need to have your information verified, and the Profile Builder does that. There are dozens of possible reasons why you are not able to find this person, but you'll never know what or if there's a problem unless you have specialists like us analyze your information. Verification ensures you move in the right direction.

Q) How long before I know the results?

A) You'll usually know the results in three business days.

Q) What if I don't have enough information yet?

A) This is exactly why you want to have your information verified. You could be "that" close and not know it. After 20 years of reviewing thousands of cases, we can identify whether you have enough information or not and what you can do to get the right information. Your report will save you years of wasted effort. And remember the longer you spend looking for someone, the greater the chance they could move and never be found.

Q) Why should I pay to have my information verified?

A) You are getting experts to review your information. Some clients have picked up the phone and called a loved one as soon as they got their report because of one tip we gave. How much is that worth? Don't you think it's time to step back and get some help? For just the cost of a dinner out, you'll finally be able to reunite with your loved one or relative and take them to dinner instead.

Listen: Do you want to continue searching through books and web sites, going to libraries and seminars …year after year…taking the unnecessary risk that you may lose whatever chance you have to ever reunite with this person because you waited too long?

Imagine how you'll feel when you dial the number and hear the voice of your relative or loved one on the other end!

"It has been well worth the cost."

Jan had been searching for years for her friend from college when she was in Mexico. She came to Find Relatives In Mexico with her information. After receiving her results, she wrote, "Thank you so much for your professionalism and skills in locating people in Mexico. This is such a thorough and revealing report, with much attention paid to detail. It has been well worth the cost. I am very happy to receive it."

Jan Bass

So what are you waiting for?

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to find your loved ones so it's very important that you first have your information checked by experts so you will know how soon you can be reunited with your relative, friend or loved one.

In the next couple of weeks you could literally be united and talking with your relative or friend. The Profile Builder is offered exclusively by our company and nowhere else.

Take advantage of this service for the low price of:



If you didn't click the button, then think about this... What's it worth to you to reunite with your relative, loved one or friend?

P.S. You may decide that today is not the day to finally find your relative or friend. You may be thinking you'll come back in a few days. But that doesn't happen. Life gets in the way, and before you know, weeks, months, even years could go by without you ever finding the person you are looking for.

P.P.S. You know that if you don't do something different, you'll continue to have the same results. Your answer is right here. Stop spending time searching and find out where you are with your information. You could be ready to find that person RIGHT NOW. To make it happen, click on the blue button.

"Husband soon to meet his family in Mexico"

mexico genealogy"Thank you so much. This is truly a great year thanks to your help!!! My husband was able to connect with his family via your services. We are so excited to have made phone contact and soon meet them face to face. Have a great holiday!"

Husband found his family in Mexico

This could be your story, but only if you take action now.

Stop wasting your valuable time. Instead get the information you need so you can reunite and be back in touch with your loved one, relative or friend living in Mexico. You have spent months and possibly years searching for them. Do it now!

We look forward to putting you in front of the door so you can reunite with that special person.

Richard Villasana

Richard Villasana



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