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NYC Homeless Man Finds Daughter
Through Twitter: Lessons to Help You
Find Family in Mexico

Summary: Daniel Morales, a homeless man, used social media site, Twitter, to look for his daughter. They are now reunited. Discover the three steps that helped Daniel be reunited with his daughter. Social media can be a good tool to use for your Mexico genealogy and to help you find family in Mexico.

By now you may have heard about the New York City homeless man who found his daughter through Twitter. Daniel Morales is part of a program for the homeless who were given cell phones. He set up a Twitter account and has been tweeting about life on the street. Just today, he reported that he has been contacted by his daughter whom he hasn't seen in 11 years!

So how can his story help you to find someone in Mexico? Here are three important steps he took that helped his daughter find him.

  1. He let people know that he was looking for his daughter.

  2. He posted her name.

  3. He posted a photo of what she looked like when she was 16 years old.

Now Some of the Social Media Challenges

One of the challenges with using social media is that often people do not give their full name. So if you are looking for Jose Martinez, there could be hundreds, if not thousands of people with that same name. That's like having a list of a thousand people and having to go through each one asking them if they are your Jose Martinez. If Daniel had only tweeted the name of his daughter, she probably would never have found him.

Another problem is that often there are no photos that you could look at to help you know if a particular person is the one you want to find. Daniel was smart because he put a photo online of his daughter, Sarah, so she could see it.

And finally, Daniel listed his cell phone number. You'll have to decide if you want the world to have that number since you could have that same cell phone number for the rest of your life. But by listing his cell phone number, Daniel made it easy for his daughter to connect with him. Daniel and his daughter, Sarah, are now reunited because Daniel did several things right when he used Twitter to find his daughter.

You Have to Try All Your Options

The important lesson for you to take away is that it is possible to find someone through social media. Now this story takes place in the U.S., but you, too, may be able to find someone in Mexico through social media. One great feature is that it's free. You only have to invest your time and energy to try to find people in Mexico.

However, my recommendation is that you don't spend months or years. Social media is only one tool that can help you find family in Mexico, but it's not a magic solution. The family member you want to find in Mexico may not have a Twitter account or hasn't put up any personal information that will help you identify them as that special person you want to find.

So try social media sites. In a week or so, you could be sharing with your friends (and maybe the world) that you have found a relative or friend. And if you feel you need professional advice and services to find someone in Mexico, check out our services so we can reunite you with your father, mother or friend.


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