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How to Find Family and Friends
Living in Mexico

Summary: This article will discuss one of the five biggest challenges people face when trying to find a person in Mexico. You'll discover tips and advice so you can move closer to finally finding your loved one or relative in Mexico.

Are you looking for or want to find someone in Mexico? Do you need help getting started on the right path? Do you wonder "How can I find a person in mexico?" Do you want to find that person as soon as possible? If so, let's get started.

The five biggest challenges stopping most people (maybe you) from finding a person living in Mexico are:

  1. Frustration in Searching to Find a Person in Mexico

  2. Having No Information About This Person

  3. Not Knowing How to Get Started

  4. Sorting Through the Information You Gather

  5. Knowing Where to Go Next so You Can Find a Person in Mexico

Let's focus on Challenge #3: Not knowing how to get started. Let's look at what what you may be doing right now and how and why it's moving you in the wrong direction.

What's Your Motivation?

Who is this person you are trying to find? Could they be a relative or a parent? Possibly a friend or maybe someone you met on vacation? You may want to find this person because you want to learn about your Mexico family history or maybe because you are into Mexico genealogy. You may be searching for medical reasons. We are hearing more and more how our relatives can affect us physically, how our genetics affect us.

Many people now want to know all about their family's health history so they will know what diseases or medical problems are more likely to occur as they get older or so that they can provide this family history to their physician. Family medical history is rapidly becoming an important reason for people wanting to learn about their relatives.

Starting Your Mexico Ancestry Search?

Most people looking for someone in another country or looking for someone in their family think about genealogy first. Genealogy is the study of our family heritage and where we come from. But here is the catch; most of the time genealogy deals with relatives who are deceased such as our great grandparents or people who came to the country hundreds of years ago.

Here is a quick example. Let's say someone wants to do genealogy research on their Mexican ancestry, but they do not know who their father, uncle, or current relatives are. Many people have to first start with their living relatives before they can discover more about their family history.

Genealogy Methods May Be Messing You Up?

If you have been searching online at genealogy sites, you are probably looking in the wrong place. You're probably looking for phone numbers or addresses in Mexico. Genealogy sites are there mainly with information for visitors looking to find family or friends who are deceased. The majority of genealogy societies worldwide prohibit placing personal information online until that person has been deceased at least 71 years for reasons of privacy. Even if you find a census for Mexico, the most recent being 1930 and available documents don't cover all of Mexico, you may still not be able to get a current list of addresses in Mexico where your living relatives are located.

If you are trying to find a person who is living, then genealogy sites might help but only if you know who your great-great-grandparents were. If you try finding someone this way, then you have to work forward from there.

In most cases, this is not what you are looking for. What you want to do is find someone who is alive today and living in Mexico. You want or need to find your living relative. You want to find addresses in Mexico, phone numbers in Mexico for your relatives or friends. This is the point where most people want and need help finding someone living in Mexico.

How to Get Started Right

There are two key pieces of information you need to know right now: the complete name of the person you want to find and the city and state where they are or were living. Forget doing anything else until you nail down these two critical pieces of information. Once you have this, then you can move forward; otherwise, you're just wasting your time. And if you aren't sure if you have solid, quality information, then it's probably time to have an expert analyze and evaluate your information so you can move forward.

Focus on name and location of the person you want to find in Mexico. Follow us on Facebook and post questions. If you don't find that speical person, make sure it's not because you didn't use all the free resources available to you.

Other articles on our site will provide you with the guidance you need so you can find the person you are looking for.


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Richard Villasana

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