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Reunited Loved Ones

Finding your relative, loved one or friend in Mexico can be a very personal and emotional event. Here's what some of our satisfied clients have said about their experience with Find Relatives in Mexico.

23 Years Later, Daughter Reunited With Father

mexico genealogyAn active duty member of the U.S. Air Force wanted to help his wife find her father in Mexico. For 23 years, she had never seen him. Her husband shared, "We’ve tried to search through social media and search engines but to no avail. I was quite pleased to discover your site and read about the several successes your company has had over the years."

Because it had been so many years, it was thought that the father might be living in one of two cities in two different states in Mexico. After a couple of weeks, the wife received a report listing a potential relative who turned out to be the father's oldest sister. The wife is already talking with her father and plans are being made to meet soon. The husband told us, "Your service is like a hidden gem. More people need to know about you."

Name Withheld
San Antonio, TX
Daughter reunited with his birth father

Son reunited with his birth father after years apart

mexico genealogy"I want you to know that as I write this I have tears of joy." Jennifer had been searching for years for any relatives of her son's father. Her little boy was starting to ask about his father, and as any caring mother, Jennifer wanted to make one of her son's dreams come true. "I had lost all hope of ever finding my son's relatives in Mexico. I am so glad I found you."

After getting her report, Jennifer wrote back, "I was speechless. I dialed one of the numbers you gave me and I was talking to my son's grandmother. There are so many scams on the internet that it is hard to find legitimate businesses such as yours. I couldn't believe the speed at which you found the information I needed. I hope you will continue so that you can make other people as happy as you have made me."

Update: Jennifer's son met his birth father a few weeks ago. They are already talking about how they'll spend the summer going fishing. Early next year Jennifer's son will meet his father's parents for the first time in Mexico.

Jennifer Burton
Chicago, Illinois
Son reunited with his birth father

"I hope to inspire someone like I have been, with no hope. You are the one they can put their Hope in."

find someone in Mexico"i was so excited about this that my heart could not wait to see what was ahead of me. i thought about the time difference in Mexico and i figured my father would be about sleeping for me to call and find him home if it was him truely. I did call and an answering machine picked up the call so i hung up. I thought about it all nite that at least i did hear his voice and it was him. i was so HAPPY!!!!!!!"

"So i did call back and someone did answer and it was a man’s voice so said i need to talk to him and was it alright and that i was so sorry for calling so late but i wanted to talk to Jose and he did say it was him. he asked a lot of question i could only respond to little at a time and he said that he was rite back long ago and that he was really Happy himself because he had only dreamed about me that some day he was hoping i would actually look for him like they do like the Christina show on TV when love one loses a father or a mother. He said he was sitting next to his wife and shedding little tears. i did find my real father and i am Happy. THANK YOU for that connection you were able to do for me that in million years i never thought i’d be able to do. God Blesses you for what you do for people."

Ilicia I.
Daughter reunited with her birth father after 16 years

"You cannot begin to imagine the joy
you have brought to my little girl"

Janette and daughter"I would like to start by telling you how infinitely thankful I will be for your help. I have a beautiful little girl who asks for her daddy. I lost touch with my daughter's father seven years ago. I called the number of the first person you listed, who turned out to be his sister. She took my contact information and he called last night!"

"We have talked and are looking forward to starting a father-daughter relationship. You cannot begin to imagine the joy that you have brought to my little girl and for that I will thank you eternally."

Update: Janette's daughter met her birth father for the first time in seven years in December.

Janette C.
Daughter reunited with birth father

Father reunited with son and daughter after 14 year

Mexico genealogyOne of our clients, Younghee, want to help a fellow co-worker who had not seen his family for 15 years. She told us, "He always cried when big holiday came, and talked a lot about his family in Mexico. He had address, phone number, but they did not work, because it has been changed many times."

"I found Mr. Richard Villasana on Internet, I was lucky. They did great job. Just it took 2 week. My friend is very happy with his family. He spoke to his grandson for first time. Daughter became successful lawyer and son is in college. Thank you again to give friend back his family."

Younghee H.
New Jersey
Co-worker united with his son, daughter and grandson

"Thank you very much for bringing this part
of my life to a closure"

Bernd had wanted to make find out what had happened to a special person from his life 22 years ago. Even though he provided the person's name, city and state, there were no current records. After further research we uncovered just one last name of a family friend of this person. Bernd told us he was "surprised you found anything." Searching for someone in Mexico is like "looking in a jungle for a needle." We were able to pass along to Bernd that his friend was doing well and now living in another city.

"Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have accomplished. You have ended a search that I started over ten years ago. I left someone in anger many years ago and have always wondered how she faired. You found her for me. You discovered that she is happily married with two children.

This information has lifted a great burden from me. I cannot imagine her feeling like I have all these years. I am glad to hear that she is happy and went on with her life. Thank you very much for your help in finding her and getting hold of this information and bringing this part of my life to a closure. With Sincerest Appreciation."

Bernd Egidy
Found closure after 22 years

P.S. What really made the difference in this case is that Bernd was fully committed to finding this person. He kept moving forward and tried all available options until he found his friend.

"I want people to know that your service works."

mexico genealogyAuris came to Find Relatives In Mexico for help to search all of the Mexican state of Veracruz hoping to find her sister. Auris hadn't seen her sister since 1994. "I would like to take this opportunity to THANK you so much!"

"Thanks to you I was able to get in contact with my sister and my father is very happy about it. Based on the research you sent I could get in contact with one of her uncles in Tonala, I found out she is living with her mom in Merida! I spoke to them, and now we're getting to know each other by phone, facebook and soon we'll meet for the first time! I'm so happy. Thank you so much."

Auris Yadira
Reunited with her sister and mother

"After six months of searching, we were put
in contact with the family within a week
of trying your service."

Kim Wolcott"Thank you so much!! Our company was looking for a gentleman that owned property in which we had an interest. After 6 months of persistent research including: mailing letters to previous addresses, having people in Mexico City look up his name in a phone book and using we hit a dead end. That is when I ran across the Find Relatives In Mexico web site and decided to try it considering we had both of his parents' names, date of birth and a previous address. I am so glad we did. Within a week we were put us in contact with the family, and we were able to reach them regarding the property!"

Kim Wolcott
East Winds Consulting, LLC
Trenton, NJ
Found family they were searching for

"I was able to reach my friend and talk to her."

Louise had met a friend years ago while living and traveling in Mexico. It had been more than ten years and Louise really wanted to find her friend. "What I want more than anything else is to be able to have a phone number directly to [my friend]. I know ya’ll are good, but if this can happen it will be AWESOME."

Just two weeks later, Louise got her information. "Thanks for talking to me today. I just wanted you to know that the second number was right. I have a new address for her and I will be in constant touch with her from now on. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!! I am so happy. Take care!"

Reunited with her friend after 10 years

Husband soon to meet his family in Mexico

mexico genealogy"Thank you so much. This is truly a great year thanks to your help!!! My husband was able to connect with his family via your services. We are so excited to have made phone contact and soon meet them face to face Have a great holiday!"

Husband reunited with his family in Mexico

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Daughter reunited with her mother in Mexico 7 years after being placed in foster care

soldierA soldier stationed in Iraq wrote that his wife and her mother "…were separated in L.A. about 7 years ago. My wife, who was 15 at the time, was put into foster care and her mother and younger half brother and sister went back to Mexico. Thanks to your information, my wife was able to talk with her mother after being apart for seven years. Thank you and God bless. A family has been reunited."

Name withheld by request
Foster child reunited with her birth mother

Hector and his friend, back in touch after two years.

Hector was frustrated. He had been trying to reach his friend for a couple of years when he came to Find Relatives In Mexico. "Thank you so much for your help. As soon as I got your information I called and my friend was actually home."

Hector M.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Reuited with his friend after two years

"Just coming back to you with one more name led us to our friend's sister."

Mexico genealogyHarvey and Lynn wanted to find a dear friend. But they only had a name and the state where their friend used to live which is why they came to Find Relatives In Mexico. "We had given you minimal information to find our friend and not even the correct spelling at that. The tools and resources you have are far beyond anything we could ever know or acquire."

The amount of money we spent was minimal, especially compared to the hours I was spending on the computer researching. We have never dealt with a service that gives this much personal attention to their clients. We know, you really do care! A rare quality to find these days.!!! Just coming back to you with one more name led us to our friend's sister."

Lynn & Harvey Mace
Reunited with their dear friend after years

"I was able to reach my friend.
We haven't seen each other since 1992."

Maggie contacted Find Relatives In Mexico for help to find her friend in Guanajuato. In just two weeks, Maggie received the information she'd been wanting to find for years. Maggie wrote, "Thank you so much for helping me. I was able to reach my friend and we had a nice conversation. My husband and I will be visiting Guanajuato this year."

Maggie T.
Rochester, NY
Reuited with his friend after many years

"I was finally able to get in touch with my cousin."

MarkMark told us he was no longer getting responses to the emails he was sending his cousin. "I wish to mail him a letter if you can give me his address please. My Spanish is zero, which does not help."

In just a week, Mark got the new address as well as the phone number where his cousin lived. "Thank you. I was finally able to get back in touch with my cousin."

Mark M.
Plano, Texas, USA
Reunited with his cousin

"It was absolutely great talking to my friend
after all this time."

Rita had been trying to find a dear friend in Mexico for years with no success. Rita was so excited when she got the call that her friend had been located. "Oh my God!!!" Later, she wrote back about her first call. "I did have a reunion call. Two in fact. We are going to send each other photos and more letters. It was absolutely great talking to my friend after all this time."

Rita B.
Houston, TX
Reunited with her friend

Reunited with traveling buddy after 30 years!

BobBob, now living in Australia, contacted Find Relatives In Mexico looking for his friend, Alejandro. "In my youth in the early 70s I did a tour of Europe and Alejandro was a fellow traveler. He was such good fun and I feel sad to have lost contact with him over the years."

"My son is visiting Mexico and we thought it would be wonderful if he could catch up with Alejandro and his family." In just a couple of weeks, we found Alejandro. Bob was so happy he wrote, "What a great guy you are! Very many thanks. Come on down sometime!"

Reunited with his traveling buddy from 1970s

Lisa was reunited with her friend after five years

Lisa was trying to find a friend in Monterrey, Mexico. She had looked for hours and had not found anything on-line. "I have spent HUGE hours looking on-line." Our expert identified a unique spelling of Lisa's friend's name that Lisa was unaware of. In days her friend was located. "Because of you, I was finally able to talk with my friend. It's been almost five years!"

Name changed by request
Reunited with her friend

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